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Elasticsearch & Swiftype plugin for nopCommerce


Transform your online store with our Elasticsearch & Swifttype plugin for nopCommerce. It's like giving your customers a superpower to find exactly what they're looking for, instantly. With easy setup and seamless integration, enhance search, delight users, and boost sales. Make shopping on your site a breeze!

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Swift Slider Plugin


SwiftSlider is an innovative and user-friendly plugin designed to enhance your eCommerce website with seamless, high-quality sliders. Perfect for showcasing featured products, promotions, or events, SwiftSlider integrates effortlessly with your site, offering a range of customizable templates and intuitive controls.

Picture of NopCommerce Web Api Plugin

NopCommerce Web Api Plugin


Revolutionize your nopCommerce store with our Web API Plugin. Seamlessly integrate and interact with third-party services and mobile apps, boosting efficiency and expanding capabilities. Designed for easy operation and scalability, it's your key to enhanced connectivity and streamlined e-commerce operations in just a few clicks.

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