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Theme Development

Theme Design and Development

Every online store needs the perfect design and aesthetic to align with its brand image and product range. A superb and customizable nopCommerce theme allows you to achieve the desired look while incorporating all the necessary functionality for your storefront.

The nopBooster team excels in nopCommerce theme development. Our dedicated team of UI engineers and developers crafts stunning themes and designs. Proficient in design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Figma, as well as front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, etc., our team ensures a comprehensive approach. Combined with our market research and style sensibility, we aim to deliver the ideal theme tailored to your business requirements.

mobile app development
mobile app development

Collection of nopCommerce Themes

We boast the ultimate collection of nopCommerce themes, characterized by modern responsive design and full configurability. Crafted with diverse eCommerce and online businesses in mind, these themes offer responsive layouts compatible with a wide range of devices and browsers, coupled with multi-store support. Additionally, these themes come bundled with a selection of our nopCommerce plugins, enhancing core eCommerce features for your nopCommerce storefront.

HTML to nopCommerce Theme

Our adept UI team excels in translating HTML-based designs into responsive nopCommerce themes. Ensuring a faithful reproduction of designs from HTML to a nopCommerce theme, we employ modern and responsive components and plugins.

PSD to nopCommerce Theme

Working seamlessly with PSD files, our UI team leverages their design expertise and engineering skills to transform PSD designs or mock-ups into responsive nopCommerce themes. We strive for design coherence and proper utilization of components to create a refined nopCommerce theme.

Figma to nopCommerce Theme

The UI team at nopBooster demonstrates proficiency in Figma for crafting responsive designs and prototypes. Whether creating full design mock-ups and prototypes in Figma or working with client-provided Figma designs, we excel in transforming Figma designs into pixel-perfect nopCommerce themes. Our commitment is to maintain design and functional consistency with any provided mockup or prototype.

nopCommerce Theme Upgradation

Our team excels in upgrading existing nopCommerce themes from older to newer versions of nopCommerce. The development and UI team ensures the preservation of design and functionality while incorporating any modifications requested by the client.