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Google Shopping Feed Auto Sync Pro

This is the enhanced version of our trusted google product feed management tool. Designed for serious online retailers, this advanced solution offers robust automation features to streamline product listing and updates
SKU: NBG2095
Supported Versions4.4 , 4.5 , 4.6

Enhance your e-commerce strategy with the advanced capabilities of Google Shopping Feed Pro for nopCommerce. This sophisticated tool is designed to maximize product visibility and accelerate sales growth by integrating seamlessly with your online store. Here’s how it achieves these critical goals:


  • Fully supports nopCommerce versions  4.5, and 4.6.

Maximized Product Visibility:

Direct Integration with Google Shopping:

  • Connects your nopCommerce store directly to one of the largest global shopping platforms. Products are prominently displayed to potential buyers actively searching for your offerings, significantly broadening your market reach.

Automated Real-Time Updates:

  • Any changes in inventory, such as new products, stock adjustments, or price updates, are instantly synchronized with Google Shopping. This continuous update not only maintains listing accuracy but also improves visibility since Google prioritizes reliable and current feeds in its search algorithms.

Enhanced Sales Potential:

Increased Engagement with Up-to-Date Information:

  • Providing accurate and timely product details enhances the customer shopping experience, builds trust, and minimizes frustration from unavailable items, thereby improving conversion rates.

Optimized Product Listings:

  • Easily organize and refine your listings by optimizing product titles, descriptions, and images specifically for Google Shopping, enhancing the likelihood of catching potential customers’ attention and boosting search rankings.

Strategic Resource Utilization:

  • Automation of feed management frees up resources to invest in other areas such as marketing initiatives, customer service, and product development, further driving sales and enhancing business operations.

In summary, Google Shopping Feed Pro for nopCommerce strategically increases your product visibility on a premier shopping platform while ensuring that your listings remain precise and enticing. This visibility, combined with operational efficiency and strategic resource management, catalyzes a significant uplift in sales, positioning your business for success in the competitive online marketplace.

Important Note: The Content API option may not be available in the Next version of the Google Merchant Center. To utilize our API, switch to the Classic version of the Google Merchant Center. For guidance, refer to "I want to switch to the classic Merchant Center experience - Google Merchant Center Help".


Image Demostrating how it looks in Google Merchant Center