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At Nop-Booster, we're committed to enhancing your online store with cutting-edge plugins, themes, and extensions. Our dedication to detail ensures your success in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

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Picture of TrueCart Ecommerce Template

TrueCart Ecommerce Template

The TrueMart Modern Futuristic E-Commerce Web Template, designed in Figma, is a high-quality solution for online businesses aiming for excellence. It offers unmatched design flexibility, allowing for complete customization to align with brand identities. Its modern, futuristic aesthetics enhance product presentation, ensuring an engaging shopping experience. TrueMart is responsive, adapting to any device for seamless performance, and it's SEO-optimized to improve visibility. With a focus on converting visitors to customers, it features an efficient checkout process and captivating product displays. TrueMart is not just a template but a step towards the future of e-commerce, promising growth and a distinctive online presence

Picture of DazzleMart Ecommerce Template

DazzleMart Ecommerce Template


Dive into the future with DazzleMart! 🚀 Our Figma-designed gem transforms your online shop into a stunning, seamless universe where every click captivates. Expect flexibility, responsiveness, and SEO magic. DazzleMart isn't just a template; it's your launchpad to e-commerce stardom. Ready, set, dazzle! ✨


AI Dynamo


Open AI product description and SEO text generator. Unlock limitless creativity with our AI Dynamo: an OpenAI-powered plugin. Seamlessly generate SEO-optimized content with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Bytebooster Theme


Elevate your nopCommerce store with Byte Booster - a versatile theme designed to enhance performance, boost conversions, and captivate your customers.

Elasticsearch plugin for nopCommerce


Boost your nopCommerce store with our Elasticsearch Integration Plugin. Deliver fast, accurate search results with customizable settings for a seamless shopping experience. Easy to integrate and manage, it enhances user engagement and drives sales by connecting customers with their desired products effortlessly. Elevate your eCommerce search today.

NopBooster Premium Template

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Discover our Premium Ecommerce Template for Figma, designed to transform your online store. With its elegant design, intuitive user experience, and fully customizable interface, it's perfect for showcasing products attractively. Ideal for both designers and novices, it ensures a seamless shopping experience that elevates your brand. Elevate your ecommerce effortlessly.


SuperMart Theme


A revolutionary solution to transform your online store. This theme comes with full source code.

Google Instant Indexing


Enhance Google visibility! Our Google Indexing Plugin swiftly indexes pages, boosting search rankings for increased organic traffic.

Best Seller

Firebase Push Notification Plugin


Drive engagement with our nopCommerce Firebase Push Notification Plugin. Deliver real-time messages seamlessly, keeping customers informed and connected effortlessly.

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Google Shopping Feed (Content Api)


Boost sales effortlessly with Nop-Booster's Google Shopping Feed! Sync your products seamlessly on Google, automate updates, and elevate your online visibility. Say goodbye to manual hassles, hello to increased sales. Elevate your e-commerce game today!

Best Seller

Esewa Payment Plugin


eSewa is Nepal's trusted digital wallet and payment gateway, simplifying transactions for bill payments, mobile top-ups, and online shopping. It offers secure payments via bank accounts, cards, and its own wallet balance, making cashless transactions effortless.

Khalti Payment Plugin


Khalti is a user-friendly digital payment platform offering swift and secure transactions through its mobile app. It enables effortless payments for various services, bills, and purchases, making cashless transactions easy and convenient for users

Sign in with Google plugin


Introducing 'Sign in with Google plugin' for nopCommerce! Enable quick and secure Google login for your store. Simplify user access and boost engagement effortlessly

Best Seller

Faq Plugin


The FAQ plugin enhances your website by effortlessly organizing frequently asked questions about your products and categories. Improve user experience with quick, accessible answers for seamless navigation.

Stripe Payment Plugin


Stripe Payment for NopCommerce: Easily accept credit and debit card payments on your online store.

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