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Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use for NopBooster:

1. Intellectual Property The entirety of the content hosted on is safeguarded by copyright and trademark laws. Any actions that contravene the provisions outlined in this Agreement will be in violation of these laws and subject to legal ramifications. Users are strictly prohibited from utilizing any portion of the code, whether in full or part, in any other software, product, or website. The distribution, sale, lease, or lending of any section of the Software or Documentation to any entity is expressly forbidden. The trademarks visible on this site are protected and require express written permission from the trademark owner for any usage.

2. Data Privacy At Nop-Booster, the confidentiality of personal customer data is of paramount importance. This data is exclusively employed for its intended purposes, such as establishing communication with the user to clarify purchase details and payment methods. Personal information submitted by users is utilized by company personnel solely for generating invoices related to the acquired template, extension, or service. User email addresses are strictly used for communication purposes.

3. Purchase Agreement The commencement of trade relations between the user and NopBooster is recognized at the moment when the submit button is pressed after furnishing the requisite personal or company details necessary to complete an order for a template, extension, or service, whether offered free of charge or for a fee.

4. Order Initiation The execution of the contract for a template or extension begins upon review by a designated NopBooster employee. For service or support contracts, initiation occurs on the date stipulated in the mutually agreed-upon and signed contract by the involved parties.

5. Changes or Cancellation of Contract Due to the nature of our nopCommerce themes and extensions as non-tangible goods, refunds will not be granted after the product is downloaded or shipped. Prior to purchase, it's imperative to thoroughly review the product description, specifications, and all available information on the product page, including testing the product demo. While adhering to our non-refundable policy, we carefully consider individual cases upon receiving a refund claim. To request a refund, please contact our sales team, who will diligently address your case.

6. System and Network Security NopBooster's website is an integral part of the Internet network. Any breach of Nop-Booster's system or network security is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal and civil liabilities. Prohibited activities encompass unauthorized access, probing, or scanning of system security measures, service interference, deliberate attempts to overload systems, and any actions that compromise data or traffic integrity.

7. Misuse of System Resources Posting information or incorporating programs on NopBooster's web space that excessively consume bandwidth, CPU time, or storage space is strictly prohibited.

8. Online Conduct Posting unlawful or defamatory content about an individual or legal entity without consent, intentionally causing emotional distress, or infringing upon trademarks, copyrights, or intellectual property rights on the Nop-Booster website is strictly prohibited. While we may not monitor all content continuously, we encourage users to notify us of any inappropriate information found on our website.