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Khalti Payment Plugin

Khalti is a user-friendly digital payment platform offering swift and secure transactions through its mobile app. It enables effortless payments for various services, bills, and purchases, making cashless transactions easy and convenient for users
SKU: nb003
Supported Versions4.5 , 4.6

Compatible with nopCommerce version : 4.5 and 4.6

With the Khalti payment integration in nopCommerce versions 4.5 and 4.6, businesses can offer their customers the convenience of using Khalti's digital wallet and payment services to make purchases on their eCommerce platform. This integration typically includes:

  • Secure Transactions: Customers can make payments securely through Khalti's platform, utilizing their digital wallet balance, linked bank accounts, or cards.
  • User-Friendly Checkout: Integration of Khalti as a payment option within nopCommerce ensures a smooth and user-friendly checkout process, allowing customers to select Khalti as their preferred payment method.
  • Expanded Payment Options: By integrating Khalti with nopCommerce, merchants can broaden their payment options, catering to customers who prefer using digital wallets for online transactions.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Offering Khalti as a payment method enhances the overall shopping experience for customers by providing a familiar and trusted payment gateway.
  • Mobile-Friendly Accessibility:  Khalti's integration with nopCommerce emphasizes mobile accessibility, enabling customers to conveniently make purchases and payments using their smartphones.